Getting Stronger

Ahh, I am so behind on blogging! I know I should be writing about my experience at Pole Expo, but this entry really deserves its own post and was supposed to go up before I went to Vegas…oops. Since I have so much to write about for Pole Expo, I will most likely be splitting the content into 2 or 3 entries. So bear with me, I will try to keep this sweet and short!

3 weeks ago, I hit a huge milestone and one of my dream moves: the Iron X. For those of you that aren’t very familiar with pole moves (and with hundreds of moves that have various names depending on where you are from, how can you be?!), it is pretty much a human flag – your arms hold you perpendicular to the floor and your body is in the shape of an X.

Iron X

Iron X

This is a move that I have been working on since April. It is also one of those moves that isn’t possible unless you are strong enough. It takes a great deal of shoulder, arm, and core strength to be able to get into this position, let alone hold it. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised overjoyed when I found out I could hold my Iron X for a solid 5 seconds!

Looking back at my old videos, it shocks me to see how far I’ve come. Sometimes it’s really easy to get too absorbed in what you are working on at the moment and you forget where you started from – not just in pole dancing, but also in life. In times like these, I think it is so important to acknowledge your achievements that were made possible through hard work and dedication. Remember, progress is never made overnight! I am coming up on my 1 year pole anniversary and to see all the things I have accomplished in a year makes me more passionate about pole and even more motivated to keep training.

Check out the progression of my Twisted Grip Handspring to Iron X below!

2 thoughts on “Getting Stronger

  1. That’s so amazing!! How did you get to that so fast!! I’ve been training my twisted grip for months and can’t hold the iron x like that
    Well done!

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